Work for an award-winning market research agency

We’re YouthSight – a market research agency helping big brands, universities and policy makers see the world through the eyes of young people. We run The OpinionPanel Community – an online research community of 135,000 16 – 30 year olds, and a platform for expression – either through a paid research survey or an opinion piece. With our growing business, increased media attention, and blog read by thousands, we want to collaborate with talented freelancers for our occasional (but growing) needs around graphic design, copy writing, editing, etc.


Who we’re after

We are looking for talented professionals who are looking for extra work, to complete projects primarily for our online research community – The OpinionPanel Community.  Our projects will typically be very small, often requiring only a few hours’ work. We can generally be very flexible on timelines, which means you’ll often be able to complete the work when it suits you! If you’re maybe taking some time away from work, you can grab a few hours here and there to do professional work, and you if want to ‘keep your hand in’, our network could be perfect!

We are looking for design, marketing or writing professionals such as:



Graphic designers

Motion graphic / animation designers


Data visualization


WordPress developers

SEO experts

PR experts

Content marketers

Social media strategists







Think you’re right for the job? Send a short cover note with your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile to


What’s in it for you

What do we need from you?


How it works

When we have a project we will contact you with a brief, timeline requirement and payment offered.  You will be able to ask question and decide whether or not you wish to take the project – simple.

You will primarily receive projects for The OpinionPanel Community, such as designing marketing materials for campaigns or articles, or editing articles. The articles on our blog are read by thousands of 16-30 year olds. They are peer reviewed and rated.  The content is frequently very raw but powerful and can really touch a nerve.  Recent examples include, “Surviving uni if you’re not a party animal”, “Dealing with the daily battles of anorexia” – have a browse.