The OpinionPanel Community is the UK’s largest and most engaged youth research panel and it’s available to you, right now.

Our Panel Services team provide affordable, fast and sophisticated services for all your research needs with Millennials and Gen Z.  And once your project starts you’ll quickly see we are committed to quality processes that ensure you get the best results possible.




Comprehensive research servicesComprehensive research services

We will support most forms of online research with 16-30s

Expert project managementExpert project management

A UK-based, in house, professional project management team

A commitment to qualityA commitment to quality

Seamless process to ensure sampling, scripting, fieldwork and data processing are completed accurately



Comprehensive research services


Our in house technical team are experts in survey setup, design and testing.  We work across most survey hosting platforms and we’re comfortable with sophisticated targeting, complex quotas, multiple target groups, exclusion rules as well as nationally representative samples.  We will help you along the way as you need support with project setup.

We’ve been ‘mobile first’ since 2014 when we re-wrote our web survey interface making it fully responsive and a joy to use on Smartphone as well as tablet and desktop, winning an MRS Data Collection Operations Award for our efforts.YS Image 2




Expert project management


Our project managers help the vast majority of the UK’s largest research and advertising agencies and have built up a reputation for providing rapid response to RFQs, accurate feasibility estimates, tight but realistic timelines and maintaining high quality standards.

We regularly set projects up in less than an hour and frequently complete fieldwork within the same day. With one of the largest and most responsive panels you won’t find quicker fieldwork times than ours for younger audiences

We have our own in house data processing team possessing over 20 years’ experience in operations, we’re able to handle even the most complicated scripting and data processing requirements. Whether providing raw data or complex data tables – we can help.




A commitment to quality


We take a holistic approach to quality by focussing on three areas – panel quality, data quality and service quality. We operate one of the highest calibre panels in the UK market, with our community members displaying top in-survey engagement rates and exceptionally high response rates (over 30%).

Being a full service agency we understand the importance of quality; we’ve therefore established a seamless processes to ensure sampling, scripting, fieldwork and data processing are all completed accurately. With your dedicated account manager, project manager and data processing exec assigned to the project you can be sure that the quality of service you experience will make working with us hassle free.