An unsurpassed research source of 150,000+ young people


Need youth sample? Then you need YouthSight. We’re proud owners of The OpinionPanel Community (OPC): the UK’s largest and most diverse youth research panel. That’s over 150k profiled panellists available to you – right now.

We recruit our panellists through high quality partners, as well as through peer-to-peer marketing by our own existing OPC members, ensuring that you have access to the UK’s largest and most diverse community.

Whether you need school leavers, or even NEETs, we’re here to help. With 1000+ profiling variables, our UK-based Panel Services team help the majority of the UK’s largest panel companies and research & advertising agencies, setting up projects in under an hour and completing fieldwork the very same day.

So, if you’re looking to reach even the most niche of samples, download our panel book or speak to us to get a quote today.





Real people deserve real rewards

We pride ourselves on paying fair, decent incentives. Treating panellists with respect and recognising the extent of their involvement not only improves survey diligence and response rates but also decreases questionnaire speeding and straight-lining.


We care who we recruit

We partner with high quality, niche organisation and employ a team responsible for panellist support, social media and marketing – all with the aim of strategising ways to recruit and retain quality panellists.


A relevant youth focus

Our offer is different; our surveys are interesting and topical and our communications are mobile first to improve user experience. The articles on our website are user-generated and highly provocative. That’s why our Feefo satisfaction score is 4.7 / 5.




We’ve always been more than just a panel, so we’ve create the perfect platform for panellists to express their opinions on wider issues. The Articles section is the heart of our community, with thousands of opinion pieces published, ranking up millions of reads.

Our vibrant community is brimming with bright, perceptive and opinionated young people. And it’s part of our secret in keeping them engaged. Say hello >>