The UK’s largest youth research panel

YouthSight’s specialist access panel – The OpinionPanel Community, is home to the UK’s largest research panel of 16 – 30 year olds including Millennials, Gen Z’s, school students, college and university students, applicants, graduates and young people out of employment.




Our four specialist panels enable us to profile 400+ data points on our panel members – from key demographics, lifestyle, academic, professional, family status and everything in between, which enables us to reach your target demographic quickly and effectively. Find out more about what information we hold for our panels in our brochure.


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What’s the recipe to an outstanding panel?


YouthSight's award winning responsive survey template

Decent incentives, clear communication and trust.

Treating people with respect and recognising the extent of their involvement improves survey diligence and response rates while decreasing questionnaire speeding and straight-lining. With incentives offering either £1 or £2 per survey, carefully crafted communications and an add-free site, we achieve around 94% satisfaction.

Millennials are the most ‘always connected’ generation. So our survey tools and strategy went Mobile First in 2014 and we won the Market Research Society’s Data Collection Award in recognition of our efforts.

Given this, we can reach our panellists incredibly quickly and conveniently and online surveys normally achieve over 50% participation via smartphone.


A buzzing community of opinions


ArticlesTranspWe’ve always been more than just a panel.

In order to keep our opinionated panellists happy, we had to stay true to our offer around the clock. We’ve create the perfect platform for them to express their opinions on wider issues. The Articles section became the heart of our community, with thousands of opinion pieces published to date.

They’re personal, provocative & powerfully expressed on topics that matter to them – from managing uni with a mental illness, to experiences of ‘coming out’ to your parents.

With trending topics reaching a quarter of a million reads, our engaged, vibrant community is brimming with bright, perceptive and opinionated young people. Say hello >>






Our values

We care who we recruit

We really care who joins The OpinionPanel Community, so we partner with high quality, niche organisations such as UCAS Media to help attract the respondents most needed.  Our Community Team also engage in extensive social media marketing in the cause of high quality recruitment.  And we guard against multiple identities by verifying the home addresses of younger members (we send incentives as vouchers in the post, which costs a bit more but allows us to find duplicates.)  For student members we also collect unique email addresses.


Real people deserve real rewards

Every member of The OpinionPanel Community receives clear and decent incentives for every survey they take part in.  We reject complex and opaque points systems (which usually make respondents feel cheated) and instead offer a simple one or two points (worth £1 or £2) for every online survey completed, or up to £30 for online communities, co-creation exercises and focus groups. Treating people with respect and recognising the extent of their involvement improves survey diligence, response rates and validity while decreasing questionnaire speeding, straight-lining and other satisfying behaviour.

Our youth focus makes us relevant and compelling

Over 75% of our panellists are members of no other UK research communities.  That’s because our offer is different.  Our surveys are interesting, the articles on our website are user-generated and highly provocative.  We frequently provide survey feedback and much of our work ends up in the public domain.  And we don’t fish for new panellists in the same places as other panel companies. This all helps cultivate a sense of community and purpose. Which in turn impacts on engagement and panel tenure and drives our exceptional user satisfaction – our Feefo satisfaction score is generally around 4.7 / 5 (about 94%) satisfaction.