SampleYouth gives you the control to host your own survey and access the UK’s largest youth panel. Working on over 20 sample only projects a month for agencies, brands and panel suppliers so we’ve developed a unique expertise in sampling younger audiences.

Dedicated Project Management

On every project we’ll assign a dedicated project manager to make sure that your project gets the attention it deserves. We also assign a dedicated operation executive who ensures that the quality controls and technical procedures are being followed properly. All our project managers are rigorously trained, efficient, highly organised and thorough so your projects are always in good hands.

Quick Turnaround

With project timelines always being pushed we understand the need to get a project setup and completes as quickly as possible. We regularly set projects up in less than an hour and have been known to complete fieldwork within the same day. With one of the largest and most responsive panels you won’t find quicker fieldwork times than ours for younger audiences.

Cross Platform Integration

We’ve been supplying sample for over 10 years so we’ve learnt to work across most survey hosting platforms. Our in house technical team are experts in survey setup and survey design so can help you along the way if you need support with project setup.

Our Community

With the largest and most engaged youth panel in the UK and over 1,000 profiling variables, it’s very rare that we can’t target the groups you need to reach.  Whether accessing nationally representative samples or very niche groups The OpnionPanel Community is a unique resource that you should be tapping into for any quantitative project involving younger audiences.