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Who’s SnapMe for? Planners, researchers, product developers, marketing professionals in agencies, brands, media, third sector, government and policy



Fast. Targeted. Authentic.

Customers are at the heart of everything you do. So why not understand them better? Let them tell you exactly what you need to know, in their own words, in their own environment, in the next two days. And at a price that won’t destroy your budget.

SnapMe gives you access to our research panel of 135,000 young people; the largest in the UK. You tell us who you’re targeting, you choose your questions then you let us – and our panellists – do the rest. We will supply you with 20 panellist videos to spec, in just 48 hours.

Perfect for illustrating your research findings, sharing with colleagues, hearing and seeing your customers and prospective customers describe their issues in their own words, from their own perspective.



SnapMe is…




Receive results within 48 hours of your agreed brief, via an online platform – fully transcribed



We own the UK’s largest youth research panel – 135,000 16 – 30’s , with 200+ profile data points with the option for your screening questions.



Raw, unfiltered and honest disclosures to an independent research agency. That’s what you’re getting.




Your questions answered


What do you get?

Within 48 hours of agreeing your brief we provide you with 20 videos on an online platform with secure logins.  Each video can viewed in-platform or downloaded (in MP4 format).  Full transcription is provided with each video.  Additionally we can edit to specification to create a custom showreel including your company’s logo, title screens and annotations.


Who can you reach?

UK based Millennials and Gen Zs.  We have over 135,000 of them on our OpinionPanel Community.  You can target via our 200+ profiling characteristics including full demographics and apply screening questions if needed. Reaching lower incidence groups does generally impact on cost.


What questions can you ask?

Anything you like within a standard market research framework*.  It’s best to keep it short and sweet.  Results are optimised when the total recording time is under four minutes which normally means no more than four questions.  More in-depth questionnaires can be arranged.