Storytelling for the millennial generation

All the research that we do at YouthSight goes to further understand Millennials and Gen Z. The Youth Research & Insight team offers a diverse range of solutions, drawing on qualitative and quantitative approaches. Our specialist engagement methods enable young people to express themselves easily, share their ideas, and give access to their lives, all using the technology they prefer.

Millennials, and increasingly Gen Z, like to stand out while fitting in. They are youthfully characterised as ambitious and entrepreneurial, yet they have grown up learning to be cautious and resilient. Understanding the complex and contradictory factors that influence young people and their decision-making processes is a crucial step for any organisation operating in the youth space.


Decision-making decade (16-25)

We help clients demystify the decision-making decade (16-25). These crucial ten years shape the future opportunities, aspirations and preferences of young people. For any organisation to benefit from research with young people, they must spend time unpicking how they make personal decisions and independent choices.

Using advanced analytics, we can identify the information required to make a decision, the priorities involved in decision-making and how these trade-off against each other. At YouthSight we are also able to help clients understand how to influence decision-making as well as develop strategies that allow brands and organisations to be involved in the decision-making process.

Brand and comms

At YouthSight we explain the complexity of youth decision-making and its relationship with brand affinity. We help clients understand the essence of their brand, the sentiment associated with it and the brand values that may or may not chime with Millennials and Gen Z.

We have a range of concept and proposition testing techniques that deliver preference as well as trade-off analysis to determine how people value different attributes (feature, function, benefits) that make up an individual product or service.

The student market

With over 70,000 fully profiled students on our panel, from over 400 institutions, we are the go-to agency to research the student market.

Brands on Campus is our student market insight methodology, enabling clients to gauge brand-appeal across a range of universities. An essential tool to evaluate the impact of Student Band Manager/Ambassador programmes or other targeted student marketing activity.

Graduate recruitment

For many organisations, future success depends on meeting or beating corporate objectives for graduate recruitment. Whether these are about attracting the right level of diversity, appealing to the best and brightest or completely reviewing the ‘employer brand’ proposition, YouthSight has experience and is able to offer help. We frequently use primary research to help clients to evaluate and finesse their recruitment propositions, ensuring they are relevant and compelling for the target candidates. We also help professional bodies to develop their communications strategies by better understanding what motivates or discourages young people from pursuing careers in given businesses, professions or broad topic areas such as STEM.

Online behaviour

Millennials are digital natives, using technology to express their identity and consume content in equal measures. At YouthSight we have invested in R&D to identify appropriate and reliable methodologies to monitor online behaviour. Our unique approaches focus on 16-24 year olds and include mobile device metering and the creation of dedicated social media monitoring panels.

Youth co-creation

Young people may see the world very differently to you and your colleagues. Bright Young Minds® co-creation taps into this youthful worldview and injects divergent thinking to your product or brand. Much like selecting the best candidate for a job, we involve the most creative, curious, well informed, connected, and brand aware Millennials to take part in our three stage co-creation process.

Bright Young Minds® as an innovation approach will take you on inspirational and collaborative journey that explores new possibilities for your brand.

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