Co-creation with Bright Young Minds


Re-think your innovation strategy by inviting skilled Millennials into your brands ‘design thinking’.

Fresh ideas

bright-young-mindsInnovation is essential for any business to stay ahead, however new or fresh ideas are often hard to come by. Young people see the world very differently to you and your colleagues, so Bright Young Minds (BYM) co-creation taps into this youthful worldview, to inject divergent thinking into your product or brand.

BYM is inherently collaborative and iterative, and the co-creation process is reactive and dynamic in a way that traditional research is not.Using our BYM psychometric test, we are able to identify young people who excel at the five key skills that are essential for co-creation.



Unique methodology

Our methodology uses three co-creation tools:

  1. Inspire; crowdsource our Bright Young Minds to generate new ideas.
  2. Hack; stress test ideas to iterate and improve predefined concepts.
  3. Validate: identify winning ideas that will fly. We work with creative agencies and innovation teams applying this unique methodology to inject ‘youth’ to campaigns, products and services. More often than not our approach is digital.


Meet the Bright Young Minds

The Bright Young Minds community is profiled against 5 key skill groups: creatives, connecteds, market mavens, civic activists and curious minds. Once profiled, we only use young people with the right skills to solve client problems. The Bright Young Minds are sourced from the 135,000-strong OpinionPanel Community; the UK’s largest and best recruited youth and student research panel.



The Market Mavens – Those with the best informed opinions about products and brands

To access the people who help new products succeed

When it comes to the product categories that interest them, Market Mavens are mines of valuable information. Not only are they normally the first to find out about new products, they also love talking about them. Highly involved consumers, Market Mavens are perfect for brands that need to connect with the consumer experts whose opinions carry most weight.


  • 10% of the youth population
  • Twice as many like introducing new brands and products to their friends*
  • Feel they are two and half times more likely to be asked information about products and places to shop*
  • Sixty percent more likely to want to learn more about cool new products when they hear about them*
  • Four times more likely to be one of the first to buy ‘new look’ clothes when they come out*


The Connecteds – At the heart of social networks

For organizations that want to connect to the ultimate social networkers

‘Connecteds’ are the hubs of social networks. Online they’re active on both Facebook and Twitter but beyond that they’re key agents for the diffusion of new ideas, brands and messages. They’re online more; they’re listened to more; and they have far more connections than their peers.



  • 12% of the youth population
  • All on Facebook AND Twitter
  • Three quarters are smartphone owners
  • Two thirds Tweet via mobiles
  • Spend two thirds more time on Twitter*
  • Average over 400 friends on Facebook
  • 25% more time online*
  • 60% higher Klout scores*
  • Significantly more likely to belong to more face to face clusters/cliques of friends or acquaintances*



The creatives – a proven aptitude for original ideas

For co-creation, ideation, problem solving and creative development

Creatives are identified by our individually assessed creativity test using academically verified scales. Young free thinkers, our Creatives are able to generate a wide range of novel solutions and ideas. Far from ‘arty type’ clichés, Creatives are open minded, persuasive and autonomous; the perfect group to work with for product development, idea evaluation and co-creation.


  • 8% of the youth population
  • Three times more likely to play in a band or go to a gig, act or make a film*
  • Three times more likely to report an ability to spot problems*
  • Twice as likely to have won an award/prize for something creative they’ve produced*
  • Nearly 50% have written an article / book / play in last year
  • Significantly more likely to have represented school in competitive sports*


The Civic Activists – Well-informed, opinionated and passionate

For discussion and development of policy, communication & strategy

Our Civic Activists are much more than demonstrators and provocateurs; they’re holistically involved in civic life, from political blogging to environmental awareness to volunteering.



  • 8% of the youth population
  • Three times more likely to read The Economist; The Financial Times and The Independent*
  • Three quarters are ‘very interested’ in current news stories or current affairs, compared with a quarter of all other groups
  • Four in five are considered by their peers to be opinion leaders on current affairs
  • Four times more likely to have participated in protesting*
  • Almost ten times more likely to have campaigned on behalf of a political party*
  • Three quarters have received a prize for academic achievement
  • Four in five are absolutely certain to vote in the next General Election

The curious minds – Forward thinking and innovative

For concept testing, product sampling, idea development and innovation

Our Curious Minds are open-minded and eager to learn. They’re the most willing to test new products and consider new concepts. They’re intrigued by future trends and embrace the innovative.



  • 19% of the youth population
  • Twice as likely to enjoy learning about subjects that are unfamiliar*
  • Half consider themselves to be early adopters of new technology, compared with one in five of other BYM groups
  • Four in five always find it fascinating to learn about new information
  • Twice as likely to want to find out more about something new*
  • Three quarters describe themselves as open-minded
  • Four in five strongly agree that when they see a new brand on the shelf, they are not afraid to give it a go

*compared to other BYMs