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SYN: State Of The Youth Nation


SYN is your expert companion to understanding the Millennial and Gen Z markets. Updated every 60 days, it delivers quarterly briefings, your own annual youth strategy presentation with a senior researcher and rolling 12 months’ access to our beautifully designed, on demand, insights and analysis dashboard.

SYN Dashboard Millennials and Gen Zers comprise a complex and constantly changing market. You need accurate and current insights. You need the ability to zero-in on your target sub-groups as well as to zoom out and view the whole market.

SYN provides the very latest insights, data and analysis so you can target and position correctly and win the hearts and minds of young customers. It is built from thousands of regularly conducted interviews with UK 16 – 25 year olds, using representative samples and a single-source methodology so you get to view market trends from every angle. Base your decisions on solid market evidence, not the latest hipster fads.




What SYN does for you


Expertise to empower your brand

Expertise to empower your brand

Senior researchers provide you with quarterly briefings and your own annual youth strategy presentation. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of youth markets (the hint is in our company name). We help leading brands every day.

Updated every 60 days

Updated every 60 days

Youth markets move fast, so the facts underpinning your decisions needs to be very current. Which is why we interview a representative and fresh 1,000 16 – 25 year olds every two months ensuring our bank of 2000+ data points is bang up-to-date.

Instant analysis for rapid decision making

Instant analysis for rapid decision making

The SYN cloud-based dashboard gives instant ‘filter and compare’ analysis functionality for hundreds of questions. Custom filters can be added, helping you understand exactly the right customers.




Who is SYN for?

Insight and market research teams; marketing teams, brand and category managers, communications managers, youth market experts and newbies alike.

Everyone with the need for accurate data to help them unravel the youth market to drive truly effective marketing campaigns which engage their target consumers.




The dashboard



Unlimited access to the unique SYN data set includes

To discuss the SYN topic areas in detail, please contact Josephine Hansom




NeedsfocusedWith the people who drive strategy in your organisation. A senior YouthSight researcher establishes your goals and uses SYN data and our market knowledge to build your presentation. The presentation will be provided in advance and will be fully interactive with comprehensive opportunity for Q&A, open to your key decision makers, insight, marketing and other teams.




Based on your suggested themes and using SYN data, combined with third party and other YouthSight research, they keep you ahead of the game and point you to the key market movements. Briefings are released each February, May, August and November.




Clients we’ve helped


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