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When is the right time for young people to start their own business?

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Corporate culture is being challenged by start-up culture, prompting young people to question the world of work and the skills that are relevant to the workplace. The maker movement suggests crafting a career based on personal interest rather than professional training, and big business’ are increasingly using collaborative methods such as co-creation to involve inexperienced yet skilled consumers in their innovation process. To help assimilate into the world of work, … Continue reading

Student Voter Registration and Party Preference: February 2015


Highlights Despite concerns about levels of young voter registration after the Individual Voter System was introduced, registration amongst students currently stands at 78% Fifty six percent of registered students will vote in their home constituency, rather than in their university town. For a further 13%, their university constituency is their home constituency. Since December, the Green Party have consolidated their position in second place amongst students, whilst Labour, although still … Continue reading

How to avoid the pitfalls of annoying survey respondents – the top 6 respondent pet peeves

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Last year we celebrated our 10th year as a specialist youth research agency and panel supplier. Over the years we’ve learned a lot about what respondents love in a survey and – sometimes more importantly – what really annoys them. You can be sure that the best way to reduce the quality of survey data is by annoying your respondents! Here’s the top six respondent Pet Peeves that we’ve uncovered … Continue reading

Higher Education Research Snippets – January 2015 – Snippet 17
Finally, some measures we can all agree on

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Vague measures of reputation and employability have long been the dominant factors in university choice. But, their meanings are ambiguous. They are overlapping and multi-faceted concepts. They have different degrees of influence at different points. As long as employers ask about the undergraduate university, they’re difficult to separate. These measures are just not that useful to managers and leaders in universities who need strong insight to support decisions. The rise … Continue reading

YouthSight commissioned by The Telegraph to look into extent of sexual assault experienced by female students at UK universities


The Telegraph recently commissioned YouthSight’s to interview 1,000 students from universities across the UK in our weekly Student Omnibus Survey. Students were interviewed regarding their experiences of sexual assault and also whether they would report assault to their university. Our research found that 97% of students did not report sexual assult to their universities, and 44% thought their university would do nothing in response. The Telegraph’s story was also posted on … Continue reading

Five fruity facts about this year’s freshers


It’s the beginning of a new year, a time for reflection and contemplation… As freshers settle back into university (somewhat more familiar with their environment, friendship groups and study routines), we at YouthSight have taken a trip down memory lane to find out what we learnt about our fresh-faced panellists in their first term. Routing through the YouthSight vaults, we’ve dug out five fruity facts to share:   1. Getting … Continue reading

YouthSight Student Voting research featured exclusively on Wonkhe


YouthSight’s recent research on student voting intentions has been exclusively featured on Wonkhe. The data which has been tracking student voting intention for 10 years, discovered the surge in support for The Green Party. Previously ranking 4th place, The Green party now rank 2nd place among students. To find out more and to read the full article on Wonkhe, please click here, or click here to view the original December … Continue reading

The Green Party is now the second choice party for students


The Student vote – update December 2014 Research highlights The Green Party is now the second choice party for students Labour and Conservatives see small falls in support Lib Dem support continues to fall, and are now slightly lower than UKIP The Green Party is now the second choice party for students, moving ahead of the Conservatives for the first time. Labour remain the first choice party, but support is … Continue reading

YouthSight research on student entrepreneurship featured on


YouthSight’s research on student entrepreneurship, commissioned by Santander, was recently featured on The research study interviewed 2,000 undergraduate students, and found that almost a quarter of university students are either running their own business, or planning to do so. To read the full article, please click here.

YouthSight student sex research featured in The Sunday Times

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YouthSight’s recent, popular omnibus survey interviewed 1,000 first-year students from UK universities, delving into detail about their attitudes towards and involvement with sexual activities. Featured in The Sunday Times, reports indicate that a higher percentage of females (56%) are sexually active in their first term at university in comparison to their male peers (49%). Head of Youth Research and Insight, Josephine Hansom commented that parents may be shocked by the … Continue reading