Module 2 ranks over 100 of the UK’s universities in ‘best-in-class’ order based on 81 performance-related questions. In your dashboard, every institution’s performance is revealed in a way that allows you to track changes over time. A unique, interactive statistical significance checking tool is built-in which colour-codes differences between you and your specified competitors with special shading at 90 per cent and 95 per cent confidence intervals.

At a glance, you can see where you perform best, and where you are most challenged.

  • Which institutions are better at managing the application process?
  • Which have the highest rated websites, prospectuses, open days, campus facilities and student unions?
  • How do perceptions of reputation vary between you and your competitors?
  • Whose practices should you emulate and whose should you avoid?
  • How has your relative position changed over the last seven years?

    What you get
YS Image 8

  • View and customise in your dashboard
  • Demographics included
  • Unique interactive statistical significance checking tool included
  • Approximately 80 tables for each year purchased
  • All based on original and exclusive data
  • On-site presentation of findings to your team included (when Modules 2 and 3 are purchased together)
  • Sample boosting offered
  • For a full list of attributes, please click here


  07/08 to 14/15          £5,150

  08/09 to 14/15          £5,050

  09/10 to 14/15          £4,900

  10/11 to 14/15            £4,650

  11/12 to 14/15            £4,300

  12/13 to 14/15           £3,850

  13/14 to 14/15           £3,250

    14/15                   Only £2,500