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Module 3 comes in three parts. The first is a report individually tailored to your institution. The second is a search engine that interrogates over 400,000 verbatim comments. The third, new in Module 3 for this year, is flexible interrogation of willingness to pay among the students in which you’re interested. As funding and regulation for Higher Education are re-examined, understanding pricing becomes a crucial component of planning for an uncertain future.

Module 3 addresses your marketing fundamentals by highlighting your key competitive strengths and weaknesses, presenting rich profiles of the students you attract, and distilling the varied experiences of your key marketing processes.

The analysis presented in the dashboard compares your university to either a basket of competitors or a single competitor, looking at the views of those who chose them in favour of your institution. Through the dashboard, you can filter your competitors in any way.

The Word of Mouth Search Engine allows you to see exactly what students say about the universities of most interest to you. Higher Expectations gathers unprompted responses on what drives student choices, why they accept and decline, and how they experience the universities they consider.

Using the dashboard’s powerful text analysis tools, comments can be searched, filtered, and presented in almost unlimited permutations. Module 3 is a powerful tool for understanding students, and for arguing your case.

What you get

  • Delivered in online dashboard, with opportunities to change the base, number of years, filtering variables, competitor set, and many more
  • Detailed management summary
  • Key performance indicators
  • Over 150 customised slides packed with chart and tables, now with options to filter
  • Online Word of Mouth Search Engine
  • On-site presentation of findings to your team included (when Modules 2 & 3 bought together)
  • Sample boosting offered
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Student choices, visualised

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Customers subscribing to this module in previous years will be resupplied with previous years’ data at no extra cost. Please note that the questionnaire has developed over the last five years so trend data is not available for all questions. Prices exclude VAT.

The dashboard offers insight in over 150 areas. The charts are designed to be flexible and filterable, meaning insight can be tailored to your and your colleagues’ specific interests.

  • 10/11 to 14/15          £8,150
  • 11/12 to 14/15          £7,950
  • 12/13 to 14/15          £7,550
  • 13/14 to 14/15          £6,700
  • 14/15                         Only £5,300