New for 2014/15, Module 4 offers a new way to understand students’ choices, and to connect colleagues across the university with key insight. Presented as a concise video report, Module 4 is built from a set of video interviews with potential students in your priority target segment, whatever that segment is. The video represents a rigorous but engaging tool that will draw the attention of a broad cross-section of the institution. Interview participants are selected from the Student Panel so can be precisely profiled with key insight pushed into the foreground.

By conducting eight video depth interviews online, Module 4 liberates you from the limitations of location on sampling and allows you to hear from a tightly sampled set of participants that you identify. This is bespoke work tailored to your university’s target segments, the precise sampling of which will be discussed on commission.

This approach promises to spread the potential of research for positive change more widely in your institution by taking research findings off the shelf and putting them in the hands of decision-makers at all levels across the university.

What you getYS Image 8

  • Delivered as a thematic video
  • Based on data gathered from well-sampled respondents and rigorously analysed
  • Presented by YouthSight’s experts during a workshop on your campus
  • A tool for engaging colleagues with a broad set of interests in market research findings

The concise video report of around 10 minutes in length forms the basis for a workshop, led by experts from YouthSight, where the findings are presented and explored with your wider marketing communications team as well as colleagues from other departments with shared interests. The video will be particularly helpful for Senior Management Teams looking for rapid ways to understand their university’s main strengths and core challenges.


£4,950 + VAT