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Posted on 22nd June 2011 by Youth

OpinionPanel was commissioned to interview over 1,000 engineering students and lecturers to find out what technology leaders of today and tomorrow think about the future of engineering technology, as well as the perceptual differences between lecturers and students.

The GE Young Minds Monitor Executive Summary:

This report is based on a major survey commissioned by GE of nearly 1,000 engineering  students and lecturers who were asked their views about the current state of the engineering technology sector. The research sought to find out what technology leaders of today and tomorrow think about the future of engineering technology as well as the  perceptual differences between lecturers and students. The sample was of 861 students and 123 lecturers from a range of UK institutions. The interviews were conducted by OpinionPanel in late February and early March 2011.

Four key highlights emerged from the findings:
• Societal views of engineering, which were seen as critical in securing the UK’s long-term competitive advantage in the world;
• The job market, which students are more optimistic about than their lecturers;
• Challenges facing the sector, which are impacting on its ability to contribute to the UK’s economic prosperity;
• The UK’s international competitiveness, which is seen as lower by lecturers than the  USA, Germany, Japan and India, but still high by students.”

Access the GE Young Minds Monitor report here.

See links to more press on the research below:

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