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The OpinionPanel Panel Community is the UK’s largest research community of young people, with 135,000 16-30 year olds, eager to share their thoughts and experiences to help us unravel what makes them tick.



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The heart of The OpinionPanel Community is the Articles section where members get to publish their writing & debate their ideas & opinions. No-holds barred pieces are posted every day.

They’re personal, provocative & powerfully expressed on topics as diverse as anxiety; managing with poverty; gaming; living with a rare medical condition; coming out; or making it in the big city. Each article is peer rated, shared & commented on, reaches thousands of reads. Our most popular article has over a quarter of a million reads!



 Real people deserve real rewards, so we pay clear and decent incentives

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We don’t rip off our panellists. You don’t need to take our word for it. On Feefo, the independent rating site, we achieve around 93% satisfaction.

That’s because The OpinionPanel Community is built on eleven years of hard work, respect & trust. Plus, of course a great community site, relevant surveys, focus groups & communities, careful communications, a fast-responding support team and – vitally – paying fair and decent incentives (which range from £1 – £2 per short online survey to £30 – £70 for discussion groups and online communities.)


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Millennials are the most ‘always connected’ generation. So our survey tools and strategy went Mobile First in 2014 and we won the Market Research Society’s Data Collection Award in recognition of our efforts.

We can reach our panellists incredibly quickly and conveniently and online surveys normally achieve over 50% participation via smartphone.

Our highly optimized mobile interface automatically breaks up grids when viewed on smartphone – but looks great on any device, smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Like a slice of the action?

If you’re aged 16-30 or a full time higher education student, you’re eligible to join The OpinionPanel Community.

Check out the site and sign up! Or scroll down to see which topics are trending.

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