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Since 2004 we’ve helped over 90 universities in the UK obtain the insights and data they need to drive important decisions.

Much of our work is powered by the 140,000-strong OpinionPanel Community. We offer both ad hoc and syndicated research services. Our analytical approach embraces a wide range of methods including qualitative as well as quantitative approaches often incorporating advanced statistical techniques such as choice based conjoint, MaxDiff and segmentation. It’s all to the same end – helping your institution stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Syndicated research products

Higher Expectations is the UK’s pre-eminent graduate insight research product.  It shows university marketing, recruitment, admissions and planning departments how well they are doing competitively

PGT Plus is the UK's most comprehensive market research of PGT considerers / taught postgraduate buyer behaviour.


Tailored research for HEIs

We constantly run multiple projects for universities solving their difficult institution-specific marketing problems.  These frequently relate to HE brand positioning, mapping and testingCourse development and naming, portfolio review and fee setting, helping universities understand and optimize alumni engagement, student satisfaction surveys, and recruitment for in-house research (qualitative and quantitative).

We’re proud to have worked with over 90 HEIs, all in the UK – that is the vast majority of universities.  These include:

HE Clients

In the press

Our research is frequently featured in the press and each month we produce a free HE Research Snippet for our clients.   We have conducted the polling for the Times Higher’s Student Experience Award and data table for ten years, as well as helping HEPI with their ground-breaking Academic Experience survey annually.

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