How we found just the right people to test a new university website

The challenge

A leading global consultancy was developing a new online prospectus for a UK university, and needed people to test drive the user experience.

With YouthSight’s unparalleled access to university applicants and students, who better to find the perfect sample for the research?

The solution

YouthSight used its huge OpinionPanel Community to recruit young people studying a variety of subjects to take part in tests at the client’s offices.

Every year YouthSight recruits over 15,000 university applicants to the OpinionPanel Community through its exclusive relationship with the applications body UCAS. As part of this process we not only verify whether someone is intending to go to university, but also which universities they apply to, and which one they end up attending.

Our unique ability to target these groups directly, and the high level of engagement of our panel members, meant we were perfectly placed to recruit for this project, and could complete it fast. Within a week we recruited and organised respondents into appropriate time slots, and completed follow-up phone calls to ensure they were clear about what was required. It worked: all 30 of our panellists turned up and took part at the assigned time.