How we helped a marketing agency build a reputation as youth experts

The challenge

A specialist youth marketing agency was looking to establish its name as experts on generations Z and Y. They wanted to commission a robust study they could stake their reputation on, and use as a basis for pitches and ongoing projects. So it was vital that the survey sample was not only nationally representative by demographic profiles, but also that it was composed of genuine, engaged participants who reflected the views of real young people.

The solution

YouthSight’s OpinionPanel Community, comprising more than 135,000 young people with pre-profiled demographics, was the perfect resource.

The agency approached us to conduct three quantitative surveys over three years, with 1,000 16-24-year-olds from the OpinionPanel Community.

We were able to identify and invite the right respondents by profile, to ensure that the survey was nationally representative on age, gender and social grade.

Thanks to YouthSight’s unique recruitment channels (more than 75% of our members are exclusive to us and not on any other research panels) and superior community engagement, we were able to provide sample that was highly representative of genuine young people. And naturally, we made sure the survey worked just as well on mobiles as it did on computer screens – using our award-winning, device-agnostic survey platform.