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We help clients see the world through the eyes of YS Image 4Millennials and Gen Z. Our three specialist teams provide the insights and data that universities, brands and policy-makers, market research and advertising agencies need in order to better resonate with youth audiences. Our findings are regularly in the news, helping to fuel debates around Gen Y and Gen Z, trends in higher education and best practice in youth research.

We own and manage The OpinionPanel Community – the UK’s largest youth research community of 135,000 16-30 year olds; all ready and willing to take part in research surveys, online communities and co-creation exercises in order to help our clients get insights based on real, young opinions.

Since our foundation in 2004, one of our core principles has been to treat our research participants with respect and pay them decent incentives. That’s why clients know that we’re able to provide very high quality research.  Additionally, we develop fantastic award-winning research tools, hire super-smart consultants and really care about customer service.

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