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The Challenge

ACCA, a global professional body for accountants, wanted to better understand the appeal of accountancy in three key markets: Malaysia, India and Nigeria.

By speaking to young adults and students, ACCA wanted to inform the design of their marketing materials and better map their recruitment activities to the milestones of the lives of future accountants.


The Solution

ACCA recognised that they needed to better understand the motivations of future accountants, so commissioned a programme of qualitative research, deep-diving into their lives.

We ran a series of online communities in the three target markets, gathering stories from participants charting their first interest in accountancy through to their decision to pursue it as a career.

The Outcome

We were able to map the decision-making journeys taken by students in these countries when considering accountancy.

We were also able to recommend, by market, how best to communicate the value proposition of accountancy, at what point in the decision-making journey ACCA should be communicating, and with which messages.

What next?

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