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We’ve helped most high street banks review - and often transform - their student and graduate offerings

Some people are predicting that Gen Z will reject high street banks in favour of nimble, app-only alternatives such as Monzo and Starling. It's certainly true that young people have more choice than ever before and that the large providers need to re-set and rethink.

Since creating the agency in 2004, we have helped most high street banks develop their student and graduate accounts. We remember when the marketing for these centred on free gifts such as iPods and TVs.  But today the game has changed thanks to new technology, new market entrants and new cultural attitudes to (and levels of) student debt.

If you're a bank - tranditional or brand new -  we can help you understand the implications of all this change on young consumers and what that means for your strategy - in terms of new and existing products and services and your communications.


In response to the new student finance landscape (see our work for the Department of Education on maintenance loans) we helped banks understand the need for financial literacy. In early 2018, we worked with the Money Advice Service and NASMA (a student finance charity) to segment the student population based on their relationship with money.

This work highlighted a number of different ways that students could unwittingly get into debt, prompting NASMA to develop ways to support these vulnerable students.

With the rise of contactless payments, what's the future of cash for young people?  We were first on the scene to answer this question in 2015, helping our client LINK investigate the relationship with cash.  Our work, which was selected for presentation at the MRS Kids and Youth Conference, revealed both significant business threats and opportunities.

We'd love to help you improve your cut-through among Gen Z and Millennials.  Please contact us to discuss your business's needs.

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