2022 Pre-Applicants - An Early View | UCAS x YouthSight Webinar | 29th July 2021

HE Thinking | 27 Jul 2021


🚨 New webinar alert 🚨 On Thursday 29th July (10am) we will be co-hosting the new webinar in our ongoing partnership series with our client at UCAS.  This latest event will focus on the 2022 pre-applicant, uncovering what they're looking for when making choices, what advice and support they need and how you can be part of their decision-making process. 

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UCAS have designed this webinar series with HE professionals in mind. Each webinar offers insights on how students and applicants are feeling about their options and what HE professionals must do to successfully navigate through the recruitment journey.

About the webinar

This webinar will give you a head-start on engaging with 2022 pre-applicants. It will equip you with insights that will help convert those who are interested in applying to university next year.  

We will be revealing:

  • changes in behaviours and motivations compared to 2021
  • key information and advice they need from you
  • how you can be part of their decision-making over the summer

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About the webinar series

These webinars are centred around the student and applicant mindset and offer insights that will help shape your 2021/22 recruitment strategy. With lessons learned in 2020 and new insights from 2021, each webinar offers tips and advice on how to create impactful messaging with your students and apps.

Catch up on the series so far here.

Covid Campus

If you're interested in hearing more from applicants and students, check out our Covid Campus video series. We hear directly from undergraduates as they face the challenges of starting university during the pandemic. 

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