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Guest Blog | 18 Oct 2021


Moving out can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when you've never done it before. For freshers, moving away to study can be daunting and often involves picking it up as you go. So, what tips and tricks can support circles share with freshers to make the transition easier? 

In our guest blog we have advice from a former fresher - second year student Tamzin Kelsall - who draws upon her own experience to share her essential packing tips for moving into dorms. 

This is the twelfth article in our guest blog series written by members of our OpinionPanel Community. In the series you can hear Gen Z's stories, opinions and experiences written in their own words and on the topics that matter most to them.

For this month's guest blog we decided to stay on the freshers theme, and continue on from our mini-series 'Diary of a Fresher' which launched last week. 

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Moving can be stressful and no matter how many packing lists you make, you’ll probably leave at least one thing out! Here is a guide, from a second year student who has been through it all before! If you have these items you’ll be good to go!

1. Coat hangers

This is a must! Most halls or private rented studios do not provide coat hangers so ensure that you bring the ones you already use with you to avoid the hassle when you turn up without them.

Top tip: Leave your clothes on hangers and put bin bags over the top so you can easily hang them back up.

2. Scissors

You get to your accommodation, start unpacking and you need to open something that requires scissors. You wished you’d packed them but now you won’t forget!

3. Basic tool kit

Okay, I’m not talking bringing your dads whole tool kit. I’m saying bring a screwdriver for those pesky Ikea drawers that need one. You can get a basic tool kit from Ikea for only £8 which is the perfect size.

4. Passport / driving licence / other important documents

Unfortunately, you aren’t at home anymore so you will need any important documents with you. Why you ask? You may want to open a student bank account or do something that requires ID. You don’t want to be travelling miles back home for these so make sure they’re packed in a safe place.

5. Toilet brush

This is an essential, especially if you’re in university halls with other people. Pretty self-explanatory, but you don’t want to be leaving unwanted marks for other people to see.

6. First aid kit

If you’re not too fussed with getting a small first aid kit, then ensure you bring the essentials such as paracetamol and plasters for those small inconveniences later that you’d wished you’d packed for.  

7. Phone chargers

This one may sound silly but yes, many of my university friends forgot their chargers for their appliances. You don’t want to be the one trailing out at night in search for somewhere open that will sell a phone charger.

P.S. All 24hr supermarkets like Asda and Tesco sell them just in case you do forget!

8. Laundry detergents and clothes horse

These aren’t items you’d necessarily forget but are things that students don’t think about when moving to university. Living in student halls means that you’ll be having to pay an absolute bomb for washing and drying so to avoid those overpriced services take items from home, you’ll thank me later.

9. Tin / bottle opener

Do you want to be the favourite in your flat? Then bring a tin / bottle opener and everyone will want to be your friend.

Top tip: make sure you purchase a good quality tin opener because you don’t want to be opening a can of Heinz beans and it breaks.

10. Blue tac or command strips

These must be in your bags when moving to university. If you forget anything, don’t let it be this. It might sound silly but putting photo frames up or decorations can make a huge difference to your room.

I would 100% recommend doing this so that you can have those little reminders of home.

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