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Press and Announcements | 28 Sep 2015


The Bookseller features YouthSight data

A recent article in The Bookseller based on YouthSight's findings from our new tracking tool, SYN: State of the Youth Nation showed that nearly two thirds of 16-24s (64%) preferred reading from print books compared to approximately one in six (16%) of the same group who stated a preference for e-books.  So four times the number of young people prefer print to e-books.

Younger respondents - those aged 16-19 were more likely to read e-books than 20-24s.  They were also more likely to say they did’t read any books (23%) than those aged 20-24 (16%).

Commenting on the cost of e-books, one respondent said: “E-books should not cost the same as a print book. Sometimes print books are cheaper than their electronic equivalents!”

The survey also found that Smartphones were more popular as electronic reading devices than dedicated e-books.  See the full article here and email Josephine Hansom for more information about SYN: State of the Youth Nation.

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