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Emma Quinn, Panel & Data Services

Emma Quinn, Panel & Data Services
Emma is our PDS Client Manager.
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Recent Posts

OpinionPanel Community Wins Trusted Service Award
We're so proud to be winners of the Feefo Trusted Service Award for 2020, thanks to all our panellists that left us a positive review.

Our business is powered by our youth research...

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Our new 13-15s panel reaches headlines at Research Live
We've extended our coverage to include younger teens with the launch of the UK's only direct access panel that reaches 13-15-year olds.

We have extended our access panel to include ...

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MRS Kids & Youth Insight | London | 23rd January 2020

YouthSight will be exhibiting, chairing and presenting at the upcoming Kids & Youth Insight conference hosted by the Market Research Society (MRS) on 23rd January 2020.

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Quirks | London | 11th-12th February 2020
Our Panel & Data Services team will be exhibiting at the February 2020 Quirks Event in London Visit us there in booth 604.  
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Quirks | London | 12th-13th February 2019
Our Panel & Data Services team are exhibiting at Quirks Event in London on 12th-13th February 2019. 
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Say Hello To 25,000 First-Year Students And Hear All About Their Freshers Fails

It’s the start of another academic year, which means we’re busy welcoming our freshest batch of freshers to the panel! This year, we’ve recruited a whopping 25,000 brand-new...

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Fieldwork Tips: Say Hello To Our 18,000 16 To 17 Year Olds!

Say Hello to our super sweet 16s (and 17s!)

Forget the Royal Wedding or the FA Cup final, this month’s biggest celebration is happening right now and we’re personally inviting you...

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Get The Most Out Of Your Youth Fieldwork: A Sneak Peek At YouthSight’s 2018

Your budget’s been approved; your questionnaire’s complete; and you’re all set to get the ball rolling on your most exciting research project to date. There’s

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Fieldwork Tips - 3 Tried And Tested Ways To Reduce Straight Liners And Get More For Your Budget

Who’d have thought that when it comes to attention spans, goldfish have got us beat. Whether or not you believe that the average human attention span is now a meagre 8.25 seconds,...

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Fieldwork Tips: Avoid the pitfalls of annoying your survey respondents – top 6 pet peeves

With nearly 15 years’ experience owning a youth research panel, we’ve learnt a thing or two in our time.

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A Quick Hello From Our Youth Panel

What does the UK's largest specialist youth research panel look like? What makes our panel so unique?

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Fieldwork Tips: Avoiding The Negative Effects Of Lengthy Surveys

Recently we blogged about how to avoid the pitfalls of annoying your survey respondents – top 6 pet peeves. We noted that overly long surveys were the single biggest bugbear for our...

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Challenges and Opportunities of Smartphones for the Market Research Industry

We all know that increased smartphone and iPad / tablet ownership is posing new opportunities and challenges for the market research industry – the subject was even discussed in...

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Insight Show | London | 21st November 2006
We're going to be exhibiting at this year's Insight Show in London. 
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