Coronavirus: despite missing school, pupils are hesitant about returning | 13-16 survey results

Youth Thinking | 29 Jun 2020


Earlier this year, we launched a new branch of our panel, extending our coverage to reach 13-30-year olds. In our latest research we asked our new under-16s demographic what their views are on lockdown and how they feel about returning to school this year. Here's what they said...

Returning to school

While some schools remain closed, others have begun to reopen in accordance with the latest guidelines set out in the Government’s roadmap. Yet the lack of consistency from a sector-wide level, coupled with the overwhelming number of young people (73%) who feel the government’s message around easing lockdown is unclear - it’s no surprise that pupils feel uncertain about returning to school.

We asked our young panellists, who are aged between 13-16-years old (nat. rep.) how they felt about schools reopening. The majority (46%) were opposed to the idea, 32% supported it and 22% felt unsure. The highest percentage of those who opposed, were among 16-year old males.

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Studying from home

The research showed that half of respondents prefer to complete assignments set out by their teachers and almost one in five prefer self-teaching. This indicates a preference towards independent studying rather than being taught via online lessons.

Only 7% prefer watching live lessons and 6% prefer watching recorded videos or podcasts.

Missing out

Lockdown has impacted us in many ways. For 13-16-year olds, the activity they’ve missed the most is socialising (54% stating this to be true).

And despite many not being ready to return to school, 15% said they miss it. This is higher than those that said they miss playing sports (13%) or visiting restaurants (5%). And only 6% said they miss going to the cinema or watching live events.

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What does this mean for your business?

This young teen demographic sees themselves as a self-motivated group when it comes to studying from home, with many experiencing reservations about returning to school. And while they may miss the day-to-day activities that they’d usually spend money on (such as cinema, food, live events), above all, they miss seeing their friends and family.

So what does this mean for you, how can you connect with young audiences and how does your brand fit into their new world? We have multiple research options available to help you get the answers you need to succeed with Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Get in touch with us if you like to talk more.


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