Effective Marketing in Higher Education Conference | London | 1st September 2011

Events | 27 Sep 2011

At this year’s Effective Marketing in Higher Education conference, Kyla Steenhart and Mia Lorenz will be presenting, Ten Ways To Really Improve Your Open Days.

Open days are often the first – and frequently only – opportunity that HEIs have to make a tangible impression on prospective students.  Frequently pivotal moments in university decision-making processes, they need to be taken very seriously.  Yet all too often, HEIs under-perform.

We've collected feedback from almost 75,000 open day visits at every university in the UK and in this workshop we will co-discover the top ten secrets for success.  This interactive session will be punctuated with data from our annual Higher Expectations study; sharing evidence-based insights on how HEIs can run open days that really make a positive impact on university choice.


  • Event: Effective Marketing in Higher Education
  • Date: 1st September 2011
  • Location: London
  • Speaker: Kyla Steenhart & Mia Lorenz
  • Team: Higher Education
  • Presentation: Ten ways to really improve your open days


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For more information, check out the conference details on the Neil Stewart site.

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