Experiential Marketing: Optimising the Impact of your Open Day | HE Research Snippet #37

HE Thinking | 10 Dec 2019

If experience is the new status symbol, how should universities be using experiential marketing to boost their open day conversion? 

Experiential marketing is the buzzword of 2019. In an increasingly competitive world, marketers have become wise to the power that experiential events hold – they have the potential to create buzz, to start conversations and to influence brand perceptions. Events can make or break decision-making, and if deployed effectively they can become the pivotal success factor of a marketing campaign. Experiential marketing is here to stay.

In our latest HE Research Snippet we draw inspiration from brands who are using experiential marketing effectively and discuss how this could - and should - be applied to your open day events. The Snippet is a must-read for universities looking for new ideas to boost their event success. 

Download: 'Experiential marketing: optimising the impact of your open day'

cover for snippet (1)'There is a clear opportunity for underperforming departments/schools to learn from what brands do, and ensure they stand-out and show what they are about. Brands convert their buyers by showing off their personality – are your departments showcasing what they are about during your events?'

Download the FREE Snippet now for invaluable insight into how you can reposition your open day to boost your event conversion. 


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