Generation Anxious?

Press and Announcements | 22 Mar 2019

Nearly half of Generation Z say they are always anxious, half admit to being worried about themselves and a third say they have Imposter Syndrome.

New research conducted for ITV News investigates the pressures facing Gen Z and the concerning effects that this is having on their mental health. 

The research formed part of an ongoing series of reports published by ITV news titled: 'Generation Anxious'. The series of reports take the readers on the path of discovering the rise of young people experiencing feelings of anxiety and self-doubt.

One young person told ITV, "When I got my first and second jobs I felt like somehow I'd cheated my way into them and tricked people into hiring me."

Anita Amini said, "I was just feeling a lot of self doubt and that in a way I didn't deserve my achievements and that somehow I'd cheated my way into the positions I was in."

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The full series is available here.

Press link: 'Generation Anxious: the rise of Imposter Syndrome amongst young people'

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