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Press and Announcements | 30 Apr 2019

We've partnered with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) to lift the lid on what truly motivates Generation Z.  

Our research for the IPA takes a fresh look at Gen Z; an emerging consumer group that is no longer motivated by chasing ‘likes’ on social media nor do they care about affiliating themselves with 'status symbol' brands/products. Instead they prioritise mental health and well-being, and they're breaking the boundaries of traditional stereotypes (interested in finding out more about how Gen Z are initiating change? Keep reading for details on our new eBook series). 

The IPA report looks at what really makes this generation tick, uncovering their true motivations, beliefs and values in a study of over 1,000 16-23 year olds.

This is a must-read for marketers who want to remain competitive by better understanding this new generation of young consumers.

The IPA report is available to purchase here.


The special insight report ‘Gen Z: Exile on Mainstream?’ has also caught the attention of the media, being featured in:

Related Content: How Gen Z Will Change the World

We've published a series of eBooks on the theme: 'How Gen Z Will Change the World'.

In the series, we explore the different ways that Gen Z are initiating change, which not only impacts their purchasing behaviour, but also affects others around them.

Volumes one and two are available to download now.


  Front cover - Gen Z will change the world

What's Next?

As the report shows, Generation Z are a far cry from their Millennial predecessors. So, understanding the values, attitudes and lifestyle of this emerging consumer group will be vital to future-proofing your organisation and gaining a step-up on your competition.

Our State of the Youth Nation tracking product provides ongoing insight into the world of Gen Z, with years of trend data available at the touch of a button, videos, reports and invites to exclusive events that brings you face-to-face with your Gen Z target audience. 

Click here to read the Spotlight


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