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Youth Thinking | 21 Jul 2021


Did you know...26% of 16-24-year olds identify themselves as 'gamers' (State of the Youth Nation, 2021) - this has increased by 3% from two years ago.   

The insane popularity for games such as Fortnite (and more recently 'Among Us') is largely contributed to by teens and twenty-somethings. These types of social games allow young people to talk to friends and connect with like-minded people, which was a big bonus during the pandemic when we couldn't meet in person. 

Our State of the Youth Nation data also detected the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, with one in five 16-24s now playing a game on their phone at least once a day. And the amount of young people who've never played a mobile game fell from 27% in 2015 to just 18% today.

Whilst it's great that young people share a love of gaming, there's also concerns it can be addictive and many recognise that they spend too much time online. Worryingly, Mental Health Today reported gaming addictions treatments had tripled in the last year. 

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