Gen Z Horizons: Travel in 2020 and Beyond | Globetrender X YouthSight Report

Youth Thinking | 12 Dec 2019

We have partnered with the travel trend experts, Globetrender to publish a new report on the travel habits, sentiments and motivations of Generation Z.

In 2020 the oldest Gen Zer will be 25-years-old and as a group they will account for almost 2.5 billion people - that's 32% of the global population. So, whether you're targeting Gen Z or not, this fast emerging consumer group is one that you cannot afford to ignore. 

To prepare your business - and your clients business - for this new wave of travellers, we have partnered with Globetrender to produce a definitive guide for anyone who works in travel and wants to get ahead of the curve. Not only does it include a YouthSight-powered Gen Z traveller survey, but it also contains an in-depth analysis of who this demographic is, case studies, interviews, trend dives and essential takeaways.

What's in the report?

  1. Who are Gen Z?
    Defining characteristics, defining beliefs & values, defining cultural trends, defining challenges, lifestyle data, case study: TikTok, the Z list: 50 influential young people 

  2. The Gen Z traveller
    Motivations & sentiments, solo travel, social media & branding, experiential travel

  3. Globetrender X YouthSight: State of Gen Z Travel Survey 
    Trend focus: virtual influencers, VR exploration, climate neutral stays, DNA travel
  4. Targeting Gen Z
    Case studies (Intrepid Travel, Jo&Joe, The Student Hotel), Gen Z interviews, key takeaways

Download the report: prepare your business for the new wave of Gen Z travellers

Globetrender report

The full report is available to purchase on the Globetrender website here.

Download the report >


Starting out with Gen Z?

If you're looking for answers to kick-start your success with Gen Z then you may want to check out our Gen Z Starter Pack. It provides quick, practical ways to engage, remain relevant and grow brand love with this emerging audience. 

Find out more >

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