Gen Z Trends: Food, Fashion, Experiences Infographic

Youth Thinking | 13 May 2022


Did you know...more than 60% of young people get FOMO! 

We've dug into our tracking data to reveal the hottest trends around fashion, food and experiences according to Gen Z. And what's really interesting, is many of these trends are heavily influenced by what young people see on TikTok.  

Almost one in five 16-24s would like to see food and drink content on TikTok and 35% use the platform to follow fashion and make-up gurus. It's an extremely influential platform for young people today and this trend is one that's here to stay...

So, what's hot in the world of food, fashion and experiences? Our infographic below reveals all with data snippet from State of the Youth Nation- our Gen Z insight tracker and the UK's leading tool for Gen Z trend data.  

Informational Data Infographic

16-24s Tracking Data

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Hear about these trends from our youth panel. In our new video you'll hear directly from our youth panel members to hear more about what's trending in the world of fashion, food and experiences.

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