Shopping habits: 3 ways to win over Gen Z

Youth Thinking | 09 Mar 2022


Consumer shopping habits have changed. But, there's a marked difference across generations, with Gen Z less concerned about price.

In this article our parent company Savanta reveals fresh trends and new insights that will help supermarkets win the Gen Z vote.  

The pandemic accelerated inflation rates and forced many shoppers to give greater consideration to price. The likes of Millennials and Gen X have experience market crashes before and are accustomed to adapting their budget to a changing economic climate. 

But, according to the new research from Savanta, Gen Z are less inclined to compromise their grocery shop to save money. 

Gen Z are more likely to do their monthly food shop at M&S or Waitrose (the supermarkets that are considered luxury brands), compared to older generations who are more likely to visit Asda, Tesco and Aldi, which are known for their value. 

When asked what is important when deciding where to shop, Gen Z said they value ‘good prices’ the least out of all generations. We know from State of the Youth Nation that 1 in 5 young people believe having ethical values is the most important brand attribute and are willing to pay more for products that meet their ethical standards.

Five trends of Gen Z's grocery shop

Savanta's report revealed five factors that play into Gen Z's purchasing decisions at supermarkets:

  • 27% feel that there is too much choice
  • 15% feel that there is too little choice
  • 21% find it difficult to get help if they can’t find what they’re looking for
  • 21% find it takes too long to find the products they are looking for
  • 26% are irritated when their favourite products disappear without warning

So what does this mean for supermarkets? Young people need guidance on how to get the most value from their grocery shop. They're more likely to be shopping for themselves and looking for convenience – a reason why meal box services such as Hello Fresh do so well with this audience.

Tips to win the Gen Z vote

Savanta offer three ways that supermarkets can respond to these trends and win the Gen Z vote:

  1. Offer price per serving information or package smaller portion sizes
  2. Offer inspiration for value meals
  3. Operate smaller convenience stores / make convenient store pricing more consistent

For the full story (including the full recommendations) visit the Savanta site here.

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