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Guest Blog | 27 Aug 2021

We have been tracking the student and applicant mindset during the past 18 months, offering guidance for universities who are navigating through a challenging time. In this new guest blog we hear directly from our panel member and university student, Tazmin, who explains the reality of studying during the Pandemic.

Read the blog and find out the challenges students are facing and gain insight on how you can offer support to them to improve their university experience. 

This is the eleventh article in our guest blog series written by members of our OpinionPanel Community. In this series you can hear Gen Z's stories, opinions and experiences written in their own words and on the topics that matter most to them.

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My first year at university didn't go exactly how I thought it would. I wish I had been able to meet new friends, join societies and go to university for my lectures and seminars, but in reality, it has been draining. Here's why...

1. The hours of zoom calls

The sheer number of hours of zoom calls has been exhausting. My eyes just cannot deal with the vigorous calls every day of the week!

I would have much preferred to go into university. I understand that this wasn't possible, but for me, it was hard to keep concentration throughout my first year.

2. Everything in one place

There were so many distractions: new surroundings that I wanted to explore, having my phone and other home comforts being so accessible next to me. You may say “why didn't you sit somewhere where you wouldn't get distracted?“, but with a global pandemic happening and me living in a one-room studio with my fiancé, it was simply impossible. The rule was to stay home, so I had to deal with what I had.

Also, family means a lot to me, so moving to a new city during the pandemic was a struggle. I would often attend lectures and think about when I could see my family next. Assignments are tough enough, and I had to keep myself focused on what was more important at that point.

3. Less chance to be social

If I was able to go out and meet new friends, my first year would have been much more bearable. Having no friends in my lectures/seminars to speak to was difficult and most people were afraid of talking to one another due to the pandemic.

When we were finally allowed to go to selected lectures in person, we were spaced 2 meters apart. No one knew where they stood and what boundaries others had. It was impossible to get to know your peers, so I didn't make any new friends - which was such a downfall. 

The truth is that it's been a really rough year for all students – whether you're studying at secondary school, college, or university. It's been even harder for those moving to new cities to study. Exploring unfamiliar surroundings and meeting new friends has been impossible.

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