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Guest Blog | 03 Jun 2021

OPC X YSThis month's guest blog was anonymously submitted by one of our very honest panel members and is an incredibly inspiring story to celebrate #PrideMonth. 

This is the ninth article in our guest blog series written by members of our OpinionPanel Community. In this series you can hear Gen Z's stories, opinions and experiences written in their own words and on the topics that matter most to them.

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Why Pride Month is Important to Me - A Closeted Woman

- Anonymous, The OpinionPanel Community Member

pride month

It’s a difficult status, being in the closet. On one hand I want to go out and celebrate pride and pride month as who I am, but on the other hand I am worried of the backlash from family.

While I may be ‘out’ to my close friends, being who I am openly is another story…

Long story short, my family wouldn’t approve. It’s something I am not winning with them so it’s better they don’t know. When I move to college and university, I will be freer to live authentically, and eventually won’t need to tell them. Or at least that’s what I hope? Will it just be something I don’t need to say?

I am not ashamed of who I am

While it may come across that way, it’s not the case at all. What holds me back is fear. I wish I could be like some friends I have, who didn’t give a sh*t! But I do…

I care about my family looking at me differently, even though I haven’t changed. I care about my new co-workers making assumptions about me when I’ve only been working 3 months. I care about the cultural impact as I come from a non-white family. I hope me in 5, or 10 years time may be able to look back on my thoughts now and laugh at how wrong I was. Laugh at how I could have been open all along.

This is why June is still important to me

June feels like a month where I’m recognised – brands talk about LGBTQ+ creators, influencers, celebrities and issues. Logos are switched to rainbow-esque designs and newsletters all bear the flag. Some may say it’s performative, but I’m appreciative. It may not impact me directly but it allows me to feel seen. Seen when I don’t want to really be seen.

I can attend Pride month events and celebrate openly, and people won’t know if I’m gay or just an ally, and that works for me. One day I hope to be out and proud, but for now, I’m grateful for the acceptance I do have <3

Supporting The LGBTQ+ Community

Many brands come under fire for not having an authentic voice when it comes to supporting causes that young people care about  - and Gen Z aren't afraid to call brands out for it. But Pride Month is all about celebration of inclusivity and ignoring it, could be a huge mistake. 

At YouthSight we love all things Pride, and Managing Director of Insight, Josephine Hansom is a steering committee member of MRS Pride -  a network set up by the Market Research Society that unities LGBTQ+ professionals and allies from across the market research sector to promote inclusivity within the workplace (and beyond). Click here to read more. 

And if you'd like to find out more about how your brand can better connect with your young audiences, and support causes that they care about, get in touch with one of our specialist youth researchers.
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