HEPI: HEA Conference | The British Academy | 22nd May 2012

Events | 21 May 2012

YouthSight Managing Director Ben Marks will be speaking at the upcoming HEPI - HEA Spring 2012 Conference at The British Academy on Tuesday 22nd May 2012.

Ben will be speaking about recent research carried out by YouthSight on behalf of HEPI on the amount of teaching hours and the quality of teaching as reported by students across UK universities. Results show that the amount of teaching time has remained the same despite the rise in tuition fees from £1,000 to £3,000 in 2006. University fees are set to rise again to £9,000.

The research was carried out using YouthSight's OpinionPanel Community which is made up of 115,000 students, graduates and young people.


  • Event: HEPI - HEA Spring 2012 Conference
  • Date: 22nd May 2012
  • Location: The British Academy 
  • Speaker: Ben Marks
  • Team: Higher Education
  • Presentation: Teaching hours and Quality

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For more on the research please check our post 'YouthSight fieldwork and data analysis powers HEPI’s latest report on The Academic Experience of Students in English Universities'


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