How Gen Z will change the world | Vol.3

Youth Thinking | 06 Feb 2020


Gen Z are effecting change in the way we trust, how we bring purpose to our lives and how we value our wellbeing. How can you use this insight to shape your marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond?

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In our third and final instalment of our eBook series 'How Gen Z Will Change the World', we explore how Gen Z will change:

  • the way we use personal data
  • how we trust
  • how we think about our minds/bodies
  • the way we bring purpose to our lives

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Who are Gen Z in 2019?

We describe Gen Z as the generation of young people born from 1995 onwards. The oldest of them are currently 24 years old.

About us

No other research agency knows more about Gen Z and Millennials. Our bespoke research is informed by our tracking products, which provides brands and universities with instant access to leading trend data on youth culture.

Much of the data used in this eBook was informed by our tracking product State of the Youth Nation; a product that helps brands make better youth market decisions. 

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