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Youth Thinking | 22 Apr 2021


This week we had a great time sharing insights at ITV's Backing Business event. It's incredibly humbling to be apart of an initiative that's supporting both brands and young people alike to drive change for the greater good. 

After presenting insights from our State of the Youth Nation tracking product we joined Simon Gunning from CALM, Dr Alex George and Susie Braun from ITV to discuss the implications of our data, advising on how brands can shape their culture for good - with particular focus on mental health. 

In this webinar we addressed: young people's concerns, needs and expectations about the future (for themselves and the planet); exploring brands' understanding of these; and questioning whether we're doing enough to address them without falling into the tokenism trap. 

If you missed it don't worry, because you can watch the entire webinar back on demand, for free by clicking the link below!

Watch the webinar

Key takeaway

The advice from the panel is to ensure that, if you're aligning with Gen Z's values, it must come from a place of authenticity. It's not enough to say we're doing good, we must actually do good. 

And whilst we shouldn't be too judgemental of companies, there is certainly the opportunity and responsibility for them to help young people address the issues they care about. 

So how do we do this whilst avoiding tokenism? Keep focused! Don't try to support lots of different things, make sure what you choose to support is something that your brand cares about too, and make a commitment to it - otherwise young people will see straight through it. 

Key stats

  • Climate change and race relations are a top priority for Gen Z; both higher than their concern for the pandemic
  • Gen Z's concern for race relations has increased considerably; rising from 6% (of 16-24s who put it as their top political issue) in June 2019 to 38% in June 2020
  • Following these concerns, we can see that the pandemic is also a worry for many young people - and the knock on affect it will/has had on the UK economy and healthcare

Gen Z concerns 

About the Backing Business webinar series

Our client at ITV have launched the Backing Business series to help keep British business moving, making sure that - whatever the future holds - there is support available. As well as the free webinars, the initiative includes research papers and opinion pieces and different incentives and rewards to help businesses of all sizes, support their media investment. 

Catch up on the series so far.

16-24s Tracking Data

All of the data used within the webinar was taken from our Gen Z insight tracker - State of the Youth Nation - keeping brands plugged in to youth trends to make better youth marketing decisions.

We've been tracking 16-24s since 2015, with 700+ questions that uncover what young people care about, where they're headed and their digital worlds. Follow the link below to find out more or click the demo button at the bottom of the page to see the data.

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