Josephine Hansom Co-hosts the MRS Pride Podcast

Events | 17 Feb 2021


YouthSight's Managing Director of Research, Josephine Hansom joins fellow MRS Pride member Sabrina Qureshi on the new podcast, with special guests from the Colour of Research (CORe) and The Football Association (FA).  

In this new episode we meet the founders of CORe, who are advocating for ethnic diversity in the market research industry, and we hear the story behind The FA's involvement in Pride. 

OUTsights Episode 2 - Listen to the full podcast:

What's featured?

Josephine and Sabrina speak with Graham Idehen and Charlene Adamah, founders of CORe - a company that is bringing about ethnic diversity in the MR industry. In the podcast we hear more about CORe; why it was set up and what the organisation has achieved so far. 

Also featured on this podcast is Craig Donald, CIO at The FA, who shares his story on how the company became involved in Pride and what this meant for him and his colleagues. 

About the OUTsights

This podcast series is bought to you by MRS Pride - a network set up by the Market Research Society that unities LGBTQ+ professionals and allies from across the market research sector.

Sponsored by YouGov.

More about the host: Josephine Hansom 

Josephine became a steering committee member of MRS Pride last year and commented:

"We didn't get to march, parade or dance [last] year, but 2020 will be remembered by many as the year of the ally - such an amazing thing to happen during an extremely difficult year.

"Coming out isn't easy. As a MRSpride steering committee member I'm committed to being visible and to helping young researchers have the courage to have 'that' conversation with the new people they meet - to not fear the reaction of new colleagues, new employers, or new clients. 

"Who you love shouldn't matter at work. Be kind and let others open-up."

 You can hear more from Josephine on the latest episode of Data Stories. In this podcast Josephine shares the story of her career...

Audiense podcast - 2020 

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In this podcast YouthSight's MD of Panel & Data Services, Tatenda Musesengwa speaks about his involvement in CORe (as another founding member) and what he's aiming to achieve. 

Or get in touch with us for more youth insight.

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