Liberal Democrats target previously safe seats

Voting | 02 May 2010


Opinionpanel Research's student voting poll showing that the student vote has doubled in support for the Liberal Democrats was mentioned in an article in the Sunday Observer.

The article starts:

Nick Clegg is to widen the Liberal Democrats' campaign to include Tory and Labour seats previously regarded as unwinnable, amid growing confidence that his party can make shock gains in Thursday's election.

Private polling has indicated that several seats not previously on its hit list are now within the Lib Dems' grasp. Examples include the Labour-held stronghold of Redcar in north Yorkshire, Labour-held Colne Valley in west Yorkshire and the Tory-held seat of Wells in Somerset.

Party strategists claimed their policy of "tax fairness" – under which the first £10,000 of earnings would be exempted from income tax – was swaying an increasing number of floating voters.

Read the full article in The Observer here.

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