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Living Lens & YouthSight Enter Partnership: Living Lens Proves Ideal Video Capture & Analytics Choice For Millennial Specialists

London, UK, 31st October 2017

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YouthSight Blog

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London, UK, 31st October 2017

YouthSight are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Living Lens research platform for capturing video insights.

YouthSight have signed up to an ongoing partnership agreement with LivingLens, to capture and analyze video across a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative projects. This will include those utilising YouthSight’s OpinionPanel Community (OPC), the UK’s largest and most diverse youth research panel and YouthSight's vox pop service - SnapMe.

The partnership with LivingLens will allow YouthSight to offer video capture by app and webcam to its wealth of brand, university and advertising agency clients. Providing an engaging way for Millennials to provide opinion and feedback.

YouthSight will have access to capture and analysis tools, to mine and draw unique insight from video content. Including features such as advanced search that are making video in market research more practical and cost effective than ever. These tools allow video to be treated like any other data set and provide the opportunity to gather qualitative video feedback on a quantitative scale.

Andrew Mitchell, Global Commercial Director of LivingLens said,

“We’re really pleased to have been selected by YouthSight as their video capture and analytics partner. We continually enhance the platform to ensure we are providing our clients with the best solution in the market and it’s great to see this recognised through a stream of new agency and brand accounts, YouthSight being one.”

Alongside capture and analysis, the LivingLens platform also provides the ability to create show-reels to demonstrate key themes and opinions. Show-reels provide a captivating way to share stories within a business, bringing consumers to life.

Managing Director of YouthSight Ben Marks continues,

“Video is the ideal medium to capture feedback from Millennials. Not only are they comfortable with the technology, but enjoy being able to feedback in this way. Engagement with both our respondents and our clients is key for us. We compared a number of solutions, but as soon as we saw the LivingLens platform we knew it was the right choice for us. It has all the capability and features to ensure video works hard for us and not the other way round. Now we can get to the insight quickly and easily, driving real value for our clients.”


As reported by - MrWeb and ResearchLive.

About LivingLens

LivingLens is a Software as a Service provider that puts the consumer at the heart of decision making by leveraging the power of video. Putting the consumer just one click away, LivingLens is redefining how brands and agencies get closer to their audiences and unlocking video based data & insights. LivingLens hails from the research industry, with years of experience both agency and client side, and consequently understand (and have experienced) the pain that video presents to both research agencies and brands. LivingLens has offices in Liverpool, London and New York, contact us at for further information.


About YouthSight

Based in London, YouthSight helps organisations become substantially more successful at winning young audiences, today and tomorrow.

Two specialist practice teams provide insights and subscription services for brands, universities, policy makers and Government.

YouthSight also runs a successful panels business, providing research and marketing agencies with full access to its 140,000 strong teen and youth research panel, the largest resource of its kind in the UK.