The MA500 Conference | Cambridge | 8th February 2018

Events | 01 Feb 2018

Managing Director of Insight, Josephine Hansom speaks at the MA500 conference in Cambridge to talk about the next generation of managers.

The MA500 conference brings together the top multi-site pub and bar owners from across the UK. This year Josephine Hansom was invited to the event to speak about youth trends, sharing key insight on the habits, behaviours and attitudes of their next generation of employees.

Using the knowledge built up from our State of the Youth Nation subscription tracker, Josephine discussed the NextGen Workplace Handbook; a guide to the future of the job market, detailing what young people value in the workplace and who the next generation of managers are.


  • Event: MA500 Conference
  • Date: 8th February 2018
  • Location: Cambridge
  • Speaker: Josephine Hansom
  • Team: Insight
  • Presentation: NextGen Workplace Handbook


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The MA500 conference meets three times a year and showcases insight from across the pub and bar industry. 

During our talk, we spoke about how the next generation of employees plan to pursue their passions and what workplace trends are worth investing in. If you are interested in learning more on this topic, get in touch and a member of our insight team will be at hand to discuss. 

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