MRS Kids and Youth Conference | London | 2016

Events | 02 Feb 2016

We'll be speaking at MRS Kids and Youth Conference 2016 in London on the topic of: 'What does cash mean for Millennials and Gen Z'.

Josephine Hansom, our head of youth research & insight, was joined by Mary Buffee, head of consumer affairs at LINK at the MRS Kids and Youth Conference last week. Their session focused on the role cash pays in young people’s lives.

There is a lot of talk about Apply Pay, Bitcoin and Paypal that makes many people question the future role of cash, however Josephine and Mary explained that cash has a number of very specific roles for young people when it comes to managing their money. If you’d like more information about the conference paper, please contact Josephine Hansom here.

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Others speaking at the conference were BBC Radio 1, Sky, Ofcom and EDF energy.

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