Our Student Vote polling featured widely in the press after major HEPI report

Voting, Press and Announcements | 11 Oct 2015

Since 2004, YouthSight has conducted over 100 polls of the Student Vote, providing a data series that gives a powerful and unique picture of voting intentions and party preference among this important constituency.

Our most recent few waves of polling have powered many of the findings behind a new paper released today by the Higher Education Policy Institute.  Entitled, "Students and the 2015 General Election: Did they make a difference?" Nick Hillman's report has (so far) been featured in The Guardian and the influential blog, Conservative Home.

The report argues (as we have elsewhere) that, although fairly solidly behind Labour, the power of the student vote was dissipated by a high proportion of students choosing to use their vote in their home constituency.  This meant that in seats such as Hendon and Lincoln (both contain universities) the impact was muted and Conservative MPs won.  However the picture was mixed.  The student vote probably did aid Labour victories in Chester and Ealing Central & Acton. And it probably did aid the Lib Dem (almost total) wipe out.   The report also re-enforces our message that the student support for the Green Party, although very impressive in the early run up to Polling Day, melted away in the final few weeks and days.

Our archive of Student Vote news can be seen here

Ben Marks

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