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Fees fail to sway student voters

Only one in five students will cast their vote because of concerns about tuition fees...

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Student panel goes public

Online access panel of 20.000 UK undergraduates

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Student panel launched

A panel of UK students has been launched by new provider Opinionpanel...

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Student body is growing (fatter)

The old image of stuck-thin undergraduates wasting away on a diet of snacks can be put to rest this week...

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Most students never play sport - poll

Nearly four out of 10 students regard themselves as unfit, while more than 80% rarely or never play sport at university...

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TV show of the year 2004

Members of The Student Panel nominated their TV show of the year for 2004...

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Student smoking

Students report a lower incidence of smoking than the national average of 26%...

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New universities left standing

Old universities are outperforming their newer rivals when it comes to sport...

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University students support ban on fox hunting

More than half of university students think that fox-hunting should be banned altogether...

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Students use lectures to sleep, eat and text

More than one in four students admit to sleeping during lectures and 63% say they have sent text messages, according to a survey published today...

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The union factor

Cheap beer, cheesy tunes and choice totty – it can only be the Student Union bar. As freshers prepare for the new academic year, Su Clark, looks at how advertisers are homing in on...

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