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Youth Thinking, Youth Videos | 20 Oct 2021


Meet the people behind the UK's largest youth research panel.

In our short video our panellists share some of their most embarrassing moments, greatest achievements and best jokes - it's worth the watch for the guy at 0:17 alone 😂

This is why we love our panel members...

HubSpot Video


If you'd like to ask your own questions to our audience of 150,000 young people, we're offering multiple options:

  • Sample only 
  • Omnibus Surveys 
  • Snapme Vox Pop videos
  • Gen Z and Student trackers
  • Your custom research brief investigated

Get in touch with us for a quick quote or click here for more info.

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Download the Panel Book

Looking for more information about our panel members? Whether you need STEM students or gamers - we got you covered. Download the panel book to find out more.

Download the Panel Book


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