Rising from the Ashes: The Brands that Won and Lost

Youth Thinking | 05 Oct 2021


The pandemic has bought about tough times for brands. Marketers faced the challenge of  adapting to a changing world, or else they risked being left behind. In our new webinar we share insights on the brands that Gen Z love from the past 18 months and the campaigns that hit (and missed) the mark with young people.

Most brands responded to the global crisis, but not all did so successfully. In our webinar we share case examples of the content that stood out to Gen Z - for the right and wrong reasons. 

Watch the webinar

In this recorded webinar, we share insights on the brands that Gen Z love from the past 18 months and the brands that have been left behind. 

We reveal:

  • What stood out to young people over the past 18 months
  • Gen Z's most loved ad campaigns (and the most controversial)
  • Gen Z's stand out moments and viral campaigns during the pandemic

Watch the webinar


1. Authenticity & Social Conscience

To grow brand love with young consumers, you must be authentic and have a social conscience. This was an emerging theme prior to Covid-19 hitting, but one which was accelerated throughout the crisis.

Brands came under fire for putting business before health. Young people are savvy and were quick to spot the brands who did this... and they were not afraid to call them out for it.

  • 40% of Gen Z have said that they have boycotted a brand.

Acting ethically and being genuinely kind is essential to winning over young audiences. In the webinar we reveal which brand attempted - and failed - to win over their audience.  

2. Affiliate Marketing

Marketing was forced to change in lockdown and partnerships became important. Affiliation helps brands connect with communities that share their values, but it's the unlikely couplings that Gen Z loves the most...

According to our Culture Lists webinars (a feature of State of the Youth Nation) Gen Z's favourite campaign was the Snoop Dogg x Just Eat collab. Just Eat has reported a 54% increase in sales since the campaign launched. Watch the full webinar to find out why it was so successful.

3. Be where they are

The most successful brands are the ones that position themselves on the platforms Gen Z use. 

  • Only 8% of 16-24s weren't playing video games during the pandemic - 12.3million gamers tuned in to watch Travis Scott's gig in Fortnite.
  • Tikok was downloaded 2billion times in lockdown and now has a net worth of $50billion

If gaming and TikTok isn't already part of your marketing strategy, it should be.

Rising from the ashes blog

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