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ROI increasingly driving student choice, even among the AABs

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Analysis of YouthSight’s latest Higher Expectations survey data shows that the 2011/12 cohort of new full time undergraduates made their university choices in substantially different ways to their predecessors. Read the detail here.

Despite being unaffected by the new high tuition fee regime, last years’ new cohort of undergraduate starters were more influenced by ROI factors than any of the previous years we’ve monitored. The importance of future employability has risen, and in particular, it’s up for the highest achieving A level students (a good proxy for the key AAB group). This is, no doubt, driven by the fact that expectations of getting graduate level jobs are down and cost sensitivity is greater than ever. Of course, the new world order impacts each HEI in a different way. Setting this out very clearly is the purpose of the Higher Expectations study.

We’re also pleased to announce that Higher Expectations reports have started to be dispatched and we’ll be in full production mode during May, June and July. Contact Liam for more details