Should we stay or should we go? | HEPI / YouthSight Monitor Wave #1 | December 2015

Voting | 03 Dec 2015


Welcome to the first of our new occasional series - the HEPI / YouthSight Monitor. As the name implies, each report will be a collaboration between the Higher Education Policy Institute and YouthSight. This first report looks in detail at student attitudes to the UK’s membership of the EU.

70% of students would vote to stay in the EU

Based on 1005 interviews with full time students, YouthSight’s fieldwork for this report found that 70% would vote to stay. Click the image below to download the full report.


The likelihood to choose 'Stay' was unsurprisingly highest among EU students but it was also higher among students in higher years of study. Men were marginally more likely to want to leave than women. But among all groups, those actively willing to vote to leave comprised just small minority (13% overall). The finding that students are strongly pro EU is a contrast to overall UK population, which normally shows support at running at around 55% (plus or minus 5%).

The headline findings were immediately covered in The Guardian and the Times Higher Education (THE)

HEPI YOUTHSIGHT chart 1 Monitor

The monitor gives a detailed analysis of the student EU vote and sets some important benchmarks which will be fascinating to compare against as the campaign progresses.

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Notes The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) was established to shape the HE policy debate through evidence. HEPI are UK-wide, independent and non-partisan. YouthSight is an independent market research agency with specialisms in higher education and youth research. Together we felt it’s fitting to produce regular monitors providing insights on HE in the UK.

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