University Students are more anxious about their careers due to Covid19 | HEPI x YouthSight

HE Thinking | 05 May 2020


In our latest survey conducted for the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) we found that the majority of university students (79%) feel confident about securing a graduate level job once they leave higher education despite the impact of Covid19 on the economic climate. 

We surveyed 1,039 undergraduate students and found that the majority remain optimistic about their future career prospects. However, students expressed feelings of anxiousness about entering the labour market, moreso than they expressed feelings of excitement or confidence.

HEPI's Director of Policy and Advocacy, Rachel Hewitt commented: "These results show students feel confident about finding work, but anxious about starting their career.

"This anxiety has been there since before the current pandemic for many students, but for almost a third the current circumstances have exacerbated these feelings.

"Universities need to provide as much support as they can for students who are entering the labour market in such uncertain times and employers need to be mindful of these results in their hiring process."

Key Stats:

  • 79% of students feel confident about securing a graduate job
  • 28% cite anxiety as their primary emotion towards entering the labour market; 23% feel confident and 14% feel excited
  • 29% of students said the Covid19 pandemic has altered their feelings about entering the labour market
  • 42% of third year students say the crisis has changed their perceptions

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